Chiang Mai, City Of Peace and Tranquillity

Also known as the rose of the north, Chiang Mai is one of the most charming towns in Thailand. Founded centuries ago, this town is immersed in history and is surrounded by both natural beauty, as well as baroque architecture. Because it is located in the northern part of the country, the temperature is a bit cooler than in the other parts of the country like in Bangkok. That means you can spend longer time sightseeing without getting exhausted.

The locals are some of the most laid back and welcoming people in entire Thailand, something that you will notice the moment you step into the town. You are guaranteed to have a great time in Chang Mai. Here are some of the top things you can do in this fantastic city:

Visit Yoga Tree and Practice Yoga

Yoga is a popular activity with both the locals and the foreigners. There are at least two dozen yoga studios within the town of Chiang Mai. One of the most popular spots in the entire town is Yoga Tree. It is a community located in the south-east part of the town, among lush-green gardens. In addition to the yoga classes, there are dance classes, movement meditation classes, small festivals, wellness events, and various workshops. The onsite cafe is very popular as it offers some of the healthiest treats that are also very delicious.

Visit Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is the most famous attraction in the city. It is like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or Big Ben in London. Doi Suthep is a mountain at a distance of 12KM outside the city and stands at 5400 meters. The mountain is also known as the home of a 13th-century temple known as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep that features a replica of the Emerald Buddha and is a shrine to a huge white elephant.

Visit an Elephant Sanctuary

The elephant sanctuary is where you can find rescued elephants and learn more about them. You can see them playing in the mud, taking a bath, or even feed them. But you won’t be allowed to ride them, and they will explain to you the reason behind it.

Visit the Cages at the Tiger Kingdom

The Tiger Kingdom is located some 10 km outside the city and in the Mae Rim district. There are plenty of tigers that you can approach.

Visit the Wat Phra Singh Temple

This Buddhist temple is also known as the temple of the lion Buddha, and it has some 700 monks living there. They are very friendly and always open to a conversation with tourists. There are also two statues of Buddha and plenty of supporting facilities that can be explored.

In Conclusion

The list of things to do in Chiang Mai is not limited to what you can find here. On the contrary, there are hundreds of other things you can do and tours you can take to explore the town or its surrounding. Websites like YonderTours can reveal what else you can do or visit in Chiang Mai with their long list of local activities and tours on offer. If you plan a longer trip, then make sure that your bucket list is full of fun activities and great places to visit.